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Custom Features

AutofollowMake all new accounts follow a a comma-separated list of account handles given in the .env file 🙂CompletedCompleted
Better Code BlocksBetter Code BlocksCompletedCompleted
Exclusive ListsAccounts on lists marked as exclusive do not appear on the home feedCompletedCompleted
Expanding lines in collapsed postsExpanding lines in collapsed postsCompletedCompleted
Fetch All RepliesFetch all replies for a given post, even if we don't follow everyone!DraftActive
Filter Duplicate BoostsPrevent duplicated boosts in public timelines like in home timelinesCompletedInactive
Fine-Grained Post VisibilityAllow greater control over post visibility, decoupling placement in timelines from audience and indexingStubInactive
Mastodon/Emoji ReactsBorrow emoji reacts to messages from glitch-soc main :)Stub
Mastodon/MathjaxBorrowing mathjax from mathstodon :)CompletedCompleted
Mastodon/Slugified URLsCreate slugified URLs for posts, potentially adding a "title" fieldStubInactive
Post TitlesGive posts titles w/ slugified URLs to support longer-form writing and minimizationDraftActive
SearchFull-text search on neuromatch.socialStubActive
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Dev Environment

sneakers-the-rat#mathjax22-12-12 20:53:43

Mastodon/Mathjax: information in this thread about different possible implementation approaches

Mastodon/Hacking#Dev Environment: Details on setting up Vagrant for local development

Wikibot#TODO: implement n-back archiving of threads and previous posts, the parser already supports it

mannzsci#technical-wg23-10-02 04:21:33

Mastodon/Hacking: Added contributing guidelines under Good Practices for Collaborative Contributions (still undergoing refinement -- I've a diagram in mind)