Fetch All Replies

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Fetch All Replies
Description Fetch all replies for a given post, even if we don't follow everyone!
Part Of Mastodon/Hacking
Contributors Jonny Saunders
Has Git Repository https://github.com/NeuromatchAcademy/mastodon
Completion Status Draft
Active Status Active
Approval Status Unapproved"Unapproved" is not in the list (Draft, Provisional, Approved, Proposed, Blocked) of allowed values for the "Approval Status" property.



Adds a button to the bottom of an expanded status to fetch all replies from the OP server (or as many as they will give us).

The feature:

  • Tries to figure out the API URL for the OP server (currently just using the masto pattern, consider that a TODO)
  • Fetches the replies from the /statuses/{:id}/context endpoint
  • Uses the search API on the host instance in order to fetch the necessary status and account information to display the status.

It also:

  • Displays a dialogue box showing how many statuses it is grabbing

Still to do:

  • Write tests (dont know hwo to do that in ruby)
  • Catch errors better
  • Insert into thread in correct order (refreshing fixes)



(Jonny copy over description once we merge)