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It is a property of type Text.

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Prevents unauthorized access to instance content  +
Make all new accounts follow a a comma-separated list of account handles given in the .env file 🙂  +
Better Code Blocks  +
A basic operating principle of Should be general enough to allow refinement by policies.  +
Defederate from  +
Accounts on lists marked as exclusive do not appear on the home feed  +
Expanding lines in collapsed posts  +
Conditions that govern decisions about defederation and other instance-level moderation actions.  +
Things to know about things that happen on the fedi :)  +
Fetch all replies for a given post, even if we don't follow everyone!  +
Prevent duplicated boosts in public timelines like in home timelines  +
Balancing the books for  +
Allow greater control over post visibility, decoupling placement in timelines from audience and indexing  +
Decisionmaking process at  +
InterfaceRice is a two-day conference that ties together reacher in neurotechnologies and neuroscience together with application in industry and the medical sector. This is acheived by bringing together leaders in academia, neurosurgery, and corporate neurotechnology, along with patients with engineered implants, prosthetics, or other technologies for presentations and panel discussions on the latest in the field of Neuroengineering.  +
Where to get started when looking at the mastodon's underbelly  +
Borrow emoji reacts to messages from glitch-soc main :)  +
Borrowing mathjax from mathstodon :)  +
The Mastodon Working Group trying to make be real :)  +
Create slugified URLs for posts, potentially adding a "title" field  +