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Description Balancing the books for
Members Manisha Sinha

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Active Status Active

<The details are still evolving and the following should be treated as speculative for now. Our Server costs are currently being handled by contributions from Neuromatch, for which we are very grateful and each month's invoices are available to the community on our discord channel "Server costs and invoices".>

We follow an open finance system on Open Collective with Neuromatch (or Platform 6) as our Fiscal Host and primary sponsor. There is no membership fee to join the instance at present. However, if the members of the instance wish, they are welcome to make voluntary contributions for collective ownership of the instance. All member contributions are appreciated and will go towards system maintenance, honorarium for admins/moderators(?), and DevOps.

You are welcome to submit a feature request. There is no fee associated with this. If you've developed a feature and would like to consider submitting a pull request, please see Mastodon/Hacking

All voluntary contributions, sponsorships, and expenses will be publicly visible on OpenCollective <add link>


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