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Mastodon/Slugified URLs
Description Create slugified URLs for posts, potentially adding a "title" field
Part Of Mastodon/Hacking
Contributors Jonny Saunders

Completion Status Stub
Active Status Inactive
Approval Status Draft

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Interesting new organizational problem: Mastodon allows for long posts, but doesn't provide a slug, title, or summary field. Tweets are small enough (for now) that the body can count as a summary, but there's not a human-readable way to ID mastodon posts right now

haha, just ids basically. for short posts the full text is fine, but really big posts need a summary or slug or something. easy enough to coerce a summary though

I loved how tumblr handled this, where posts got a slug title from the body OR slugged a title you gave it if you filled out the optional title field

oo like for linking? or for being able to skim a list of posts?

exactly. Linking, indexes, embeds.


  • Make slugified URLs for posts
    • Automatically?
    • Only when requested?
    • Through the post content, or a different UI element?

Implementation considerations:

  • Affect the underlying post ID? or just make an alias?