Post Titles

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Post Titles
Description Give posts titles w/ slugified URLs to support longer-form writing and minimization
Part Of Mastodon/Hacking
Contributors Jonny Saunders
Has Git Repository
Completion Status Draft
Active Status Active
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Stubbing this out:

Desired Functionality


  • Post titles declared by
    • additional field in compose window via web interface
    • Starting with a header like in markdown, eg:
# My Post Title

Post content

Nice to have

  • Titled posts displayed in separate section on account page
  • Titled posts minimized by default, showing only title?


  • X - Add "title" field to status model
    • X - Do migration
  • X - config for max title length
  • Declare:
    • X - Add field in web ux to add
    • Parser/regex to detect post-initial header
  • Store
    • X - slugify title
    • check for duplicates and increment
  • Display:
    • X - Show title above status on local web interface
    • Use title in page metadata and html head?
  • Serializing
    • X - Just serialize title in post body when federating
  • add route for slugified titles/add slug detection in controller
    • Half done... need to figure out how react/redux is getting post ID from the URL pattern