Using Mastodon

From neuromatch

Getting started on Mastodon in 5 steps

This assumes that you already have a account

1. Choose an application (or not)

Most straightforward: just use your browser (

Bonus (beginner):

Really want an app? We recommend:

- ... [please add ones you like, and why]

2. Setup your language

In App Settings > Other, select the languages that you'd like to see.

Bonus (beginner): check all the other settings!

3. Add a profile photo (yes, it can be your cat)

for more info:

Bonus (beginner): also fill the rest of your profile info

Bonus (advanced): add one or more 'verified links' to your profile info table (more info:, e.g. your GitHub page.

4. Send out an Introduction post that contains the #Introduction hashtag

Bonus (beginner): pin it to your profile

Bonus (beginner): see how other Introduction posts are written by by searching for #Introduction in the search menu (

Bonus (beginner): check out the Introduction posts to find interesting people to follow

In any case, don't worry: you can always Edit it later, or send a new one!

5. Build your Algorithm: find people to follow

- check your Local timeline

- check your Federated timeline (warning! can be chaotic)

- search for hashtags of interest, follow anyone you want, follow the hashtags too

Don't worry: it will seem empty at first! But as you follow more (active) people, you'll soon feel right at home :)

6. Enjoy!

And ask us (your mods) anything: we'll always be there for you.

Mastodon tips

- Follow first, unfollow later.

- Be the Algorithm: Boost liberally.

- Can't miss someone's posts? Go to their profile and activate notifications.

- Hashtags are your friends, and like your friends, you can follow them.

- Hashtags are really your friends: only them are used for search, without any, your post will be lost in the great Mastodon Void forever (or until you edit it to add a hashtag).

- Be mindful of others: use Content Warnings, use Alt-Text.


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