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Monsterdon is a weekly event on the fediverse, hosted by, where people watch a monster movie together by posting to the #monsterdon Hashtag.


Monsterdon is now on peertube at


  • has been making bingo cards for monsterdon movies lately, check her page before the movie starts to find the bingo card!


See Filters

To Hide Monsterdon from your feeds:

  • add a filter for "#monsterdon"
  • Set to "hide completely"
  • Check all desired contexts to mute monsterdon posts. (recommend at least home and local feeds, if you don't want to participate at all)
  • Save the filter!

You can optionally set an expiration for the filter in case you might want to check it out later :).

Many people also will post as a thread of replies, and you can mute just that thread by opening the '...' menu on the root post and selecting "Mute conversation"

Muting/filtering monsterdon is necessary due to a quirk in how mastodon handles Post Visibility. Monsterdon tends to be very noisy - posts have to use public post visibility in order to appear on the timeline, but all public posts including replies are also added to the Local Feed. There is no current method to post only to the #monsterdon feed (see Fine-Grained Post Visibility).



Movie List

This isn't complete by any means, but according to the movies that Jonny has saved in their bittorrent client...

Date Movie Year Links Comment
2024-01-14 Gorgo 1961
2024-01-07 The War Between the Planets 1966
2023-12-31 Hogfather Part 2 2006 :(
2023-12-24 Hogfather Part 1 2006 :(
2023-12-17 From Hell It Came 1957
2023-12-10 Mothra 1961
2023-12-03 It Came From Beneath The Sea 1955
2023-11-26 It: The Terror from Beyond Space 1958
2023-11-19 The Magnetic Monster 1953
2023-11-05 Destroy All Monsters 1969, reconstruction
2023-10-22 Return of the Living Dead 1985
2023-10-08 Re-Animator 1985
2023-10-01 Killer Klowns from Outer Space 1988 taken down :(
2023-09-10 The Stuff 1985
2023-09-03 The Thing From Another World 1951
2023-08-27 Octaman 1971 A monsterdon classic
2023-08-20 The Day of the Triffids 1951
2023-08-13 Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah 2001
2023-08-06 Queen of Blood 1966
2023-07-30 The Brain Eaters 1958
2023-07-23 The Giant Claw 1957
2023-06-25 Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah 1991