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Up to Mastodon


  • Make Communication mediums
    • Discord/Slack
    • Loomio

Instance Setup

  • Basic CoC & Rules
  • Mastodon:Onboarding procedure to get people in the discord/loomio/wiki
  • Make "first month" process explicit to new members, active invites to different working groups and proposals for rules etc.


  • Import fediblock lists
  • Divide up "on call" hours for first month of moderation

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sneakers-the-rat#general23-02-07 04:15:02

i think it would be cool if we could pay a member or two to hack on the instance!! we could take proposals on what ppl would like to see improved that guide what they are working on so we actually can resolve some of the many tiny things littering our Mastodon/TODO and maybe even one or two big things like finally doing DIY Algorithms or Nested Threads or whatnot. Grants Mastodon/Grants