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Mastodon/Migration help
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You've read, created an account, and are ready to leave your previous account on another instance behind? Welcome! Below, you find the steps to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Important: the notes below describe how to move from your old instance to Make sure you really want to move – there's a long cool-down period (30 days, currently), before you can migrate to another instance again. Also note that there is also the option to establish a redirect instead of moving, see the Mastodon documentation for details.

In the following, <old instance> refers to the name of the previous instance you were on (e.g., and <old username> to the, you guessed it, previous username in case it is different from the one you chose for

Export data (on old instance)

  1. Go to Preferences → Import and export → Data export on your old instance, or directly navigate to https://<old instance>/settings/export`
  2. Use the "Request an archive" button to request an archive of your posts and uploaded media. Creating the archive might take a while, you can come back to the same page to download it when it is ready. Note that currently, this archive is only for your own usage, cannot import it. This means that your new account will start without any posts from your previous account.
  3. Export anything that you'd like to migrate to your new account. Most likely, you want to export the "follows" (also called "Following list"), i.e. the people you follow. If you already had to set up blocks and mutes, you'll most likely want to migrate those, too.

Prepare for the move (on

Go to Preferences → Account → Account settings on, and use the "create an account alias link", or directly navigate to Specify the handle of your old account, i.e. <old username>@<old instance>.

Initiate the move (on old instance)

Go to Preferences → Account → Account settings on your old instance and use the "configure it here" link under the "Move to a different account heading", or directly navigate to https://<old instance>/settings/migration.Specify your handle, i.e. <username> and initiate the move. All your followers will now automatically follow you on the new instance.

Import data and adjust settings (on

  1. Go to Preferences → Import and export → Import on (, and import the lists you exported from your old instance (in particular the "Following list").
  2. You might also need to set some non-standard preferences you had set on your old server, e.g. change the default post privacy from public to unlisted (
  3. You could use this tool for importing your personally curated Lists

Congratulations, enjoy your new home!