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Parts/Subprojects Mastodon/Governance, Mastodon/Code of Conduct
Contributors Mastodon/Seed Council, Jonny Saunders

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Up to Mastodon

The process just after registration is opened on where the new members collectively decide how they want the instance to run :)

This includes:

... what else???


During the first six weeks, from 2022-12-09 to 2023-01-20 (the ~bootstrapping period~) new members will register on the instance and go through Mastodon/Onboarding to make additional accounts on the Discord and Loomio.

The goal of the bootstrapping period are:

During the Bootstrapping period:

  • Decisions will be made using the process described in Mastodon/Governance - The governance process itself can be changed by a passing proposal as well.
  • Documents that do not already exist can be created using the semantic property [[Approval Status::Provisional]], instead of needing to seek discussion and approval for making changes as might typically be required.
  • Changes to existing documents should be discussed in the discord and can be edited more freely, but in the case of disagreement or controversy those changes should be brought to a more formal discussion and proposal process on Loomio
  • All existing policies or other governance documents should be considered provisional until approved, and thus subject for editing. The only exception are the Mastodon/Bylaws which require a greater threshold of consensus in order to be changed.