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Justice models of moderation are concerned with repairing harms such as psychological distress, physical violence, oppression, marginalization, and threats to free expression. As Salehi [ 75] notes, framing online harms as a content moderation problem “assumes that the problem is individual pieces of content to be moderated—not people and their relationships.” In contrast, justice models focus on people and emphasis is placed on accountability and reparation to victims of online harms [ 75, 77]. For example, rather than top-down paternalistic models that can replicate the carceral logics described by Gray and Stein [ 36], justice-based models foster education, rehabilitation, and forgiveness. Sanctions would be proportionate to the violation, and decisions would account for context, focusing on behaviour rather than content. Justice models also foreground those who have been harmed to locate appropriate reparations [78, 79]. Finally, justice-based models move beyond “neutral” decision-making frameworks to frameworks that support communities making moderation decisions for themselves [75, 77].

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